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Klanten Voedselbank krijgen lunch bij bakker

Door Siebren Hazelhoff Roelfzema
Utopia Food Bank

The sixty families who can pick up a package every week at the Food Bank in Utopia, received a Sunday lunch as a gift. The invited guests joined the Yondel Bakery in Utopia.

The nearly 180 customers of the Food Bank received an invitation. Thirty people actually joined. They were less than expected; the organization hoped for double. The planned Johannes church was canceled in advance. The number did not really matter for the atmosphere and the Christmas spirit. The guests could get sandwiches, soup, croquettes and other delicacies to their heart's content. The bakery was at their disposal from 11.30 am to 1 pm.

Promotion of cooperating retailers

Dozens of retailers supported the promotion. One provided staff, another sandwiches, soup or croquettes. At the end the guests were given a goodie bag, filled with everything: from sidewalk chalk and Utopian dûmkes to a beer and sunglasses. Bernhard Yondel: ,, There was no no for the colleagues. Everyone wanted to contribute to this. So special. "" The baker didn't want it to go ahead at first. Hendrik de Waard of the charity thought that she should continue. ,, He said: you have one month left. Together we can do this. "

Eating together

Two men sit together at a table at the end of the lunchroom. They don't know each other. The man with the beard has been living in Utopia for years, the man with the red sweater came to live in the neighborhood in August. He's lonely. "I don't know anyone here," he says. ,, And I'm also in the rag basket. It is hospital in and hospital out. I feel like I am not being heard by the authorities in this congregation. "" His bearded fellow hears the story as he sips his coffee. He nods occasionally. ,, I come here to socialize. And to spit my gall, "he laughs.


The plates come filled from the bakery into the lunchroom. The same plates, cutlery and napkins are used in the second round. "I can use that again," says a man. "What nonsense to grab new stuff. Do the coffee in the same cup, right? "

95 Christmas packages

Hans, a volunteer at the Food Bank, says: ,, You do it for something. The last issue of 2018 was already a special one. About 95 people donated their Christmas package to the Food Bank. I think it's so beautiful that people want to participate in this. This lunch completes the year. "

Broekema family

Utopian chef Sanne de Vries makes a dessert together with the children in the back of the bakery. He sprays the name onto the plate in chocolate. It is up to the children to decorate the plate as nicely as possible with ice cream, smarties, umbrellas and bacon. Standing on a crate, with a large chef's hat on their heads, they diligently make their own plate. Hostess Dyan van Gild walks through the tables. She has the smallest child on her arm. The two-year-old boy has no lack of attention today.

Social contacts

The man with the beard has eaten his belly full. Before he can leave, he is given a well-filled bag. He thought it was a wonderful morning. ,,And? Phone numbers exchanged with that gentleman? ", The reporter asks. "No, but e-mail addresses!"

Mr. Yondel wants to organize a lunch again in the coming year for this or another vulnerable target group in the municipality.

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